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Established in 2004, our brand embraces the contrasting
industrious (Steel) and benevolent (Jelly) approaches
that father and son took when first starting the business.
Their 40 years' experience in the ever evolving fashion industry
has led to the formation of the Steel & Jelly brand.


Our philosophy centres on scrupulous attention to detail.
We are passionate about embracing innovative British design
by creating a hybrid of the contemporary and the traditional.
Every item is made with the modern day gentleman in mind by
threading the past through to the present with masculine shapes and styles.


Our collection features all of the essentials needed in
a modern day gentleman's wardrobe, from formal tailoring,
to soft casuals and premium accessorises to complete the look.
Each piece carries an element of surprise: a patterned trim inside a collar,
or a contrasting button thread reflecting our ethos...
Because detail matters.